Monday, December 28

i have missed my little blog so much.

it's been awhile.

to sum it up:
i've missed all of you dearly
and i'm back.

i have a love for wicker anything.

1810 is where i'm at now :)
(this also shows a picture of one of my new friends,
kaitlin. love her to death.. we had a crazy night
that night!)

having a little champagne on christmas eve
at chase's sweet grandma's house.

i had to show off my new frye boots, i got for christmas.
thank youuu mother.

little bella adoring a picture that will soon be hanging
in our kitchen.

at maple with a couple of my girls,
SO glad i got to see them.

hope your holidays were happy and full of spirit!
i got way more than i asked for and i'm so very thankful.
it was the best christmas yet,
everything felt completely right.

i'm so happy to call nashville my home.

*now i'm off to catch up on your blogs before i hit the hay.


Monday, October 19

my lovely weekend went by way too fast, if you ask me.

my new realllly black hair.
my friend, robert dyed it saturday!
pretty sure i love it.

all of these pictures are really mixed up.
i know it's taking me forever to post lately, but minus the 8 hours a day in school i've been having so much fun lately!

friday night, me & the boy went to my girl ashley's new apartment and had a little double date night which was funnn, except we felt like crap the next day at school. she even rolled into school late hahaha, it was pretty hilarious. saturday night, went to the club play with robert and bonnie then we went to 12th and porter- my new favorite place! didn't get home until like 4 in the morning. sunday me, chase, & bella went to a new park we discovered, had a little picnic, and went on a 10 mile bike ride which felt amazing. today, slept in REALLY late then we went to our favorite mexican place- palmes verdez to eat lunch. after that i met up with my new bestie robert and we went to car dealerships and test drove cars, browsed through the green hills mall, then went to jackson's grill to eat lunch in hillsboro village. he introduced me to my new favorite dessert. it's called chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls, cookie dough in egg rolls, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. oh my god. it's to die for!

quite an incredible weekend to say the least.

i literally love living in nashville more and more every day.
lots of plans coming up this week. i'll tell you some exciting news later.
can't wait to catch up on reading all of the blog posts i've been missing out on.

Wednesday, October 14

it really is time for halloween, i keep finding spiders creeping around the apartment... eeeek.

true story. it's freaking me out a little &
makes me ten times happier to know
we're moving out in just a few more weeks!

nothing new has really been happening lately,
besides we're moving right along in school. a lot
of redken artists have been coming in giving seminars
which have been pretty badass, to say the least.

sleeping as often as i can, re-watching the office season one
just for laughs, talking to my new friends, & trying to spend
as much time as i can with my sweeeet boyfriend.

...i still have no idea what i want
to be for halloween. sigh.
grab yourself a cupcake on your way out :)

Wednesday, October 7

so happy it's october, so excited it's fall.

yesterday, i was head over heels for this weather. during lunch break, a few of us in my class went to panera bread, & i got the pumpkin spice latte (in my opinion, it's better than starbucks!) and a carrot walnut muffin. OMG, best muffin ever. no joke.

then last night while chase & i watched away we go, we made pumpkin sugar cookies. they were more cute than delicious, but it was tasty :)

[[something that sucks though,
the only way to take pictures is through my camera phone because someone (won't mention any names hahaha) lost my camera charger.]]

things i look forward to this month:



going to a corn maze & a pumpkin patch.




carving pumpkins!
>*these pictures are from last year*


dressing up for the costume contest at school.


making halloween treats!
& LOTS of pumpkin bread.


watching lots of scary movies
in complete darkness,
with the only light coming from candles that are lit. spooooky, eh?


i don't know what the plans are yet
but i'm looking forward to it!


what are YOU looking forward to this month?
maybe you have some costume ideas for me?

fill me in.

Thursday, October 1

homesick, a little.

dear mother,

i admit i am a little homesick.

i reallllllllly do miss you.

i wish i got to see you more often...

--but i can't wait to see you on sunday! i'm excited.

sending my love, lauren

p.s. will you maybe cook dinner for me? i would love that :)

Monday, September 28

when i wish upon a star, i wish for this.

of course, i want the black one.

nicole richie with the red.

lauren conrad with the black.

kirsten dunst also with the red.
in my opinion, this statement is totally true. agree?
(chanel fry box, i'll take a large please... just kidding.)

i love the little chanel tattoo!

But yes, I want the black chanel flap bag. Badly.
I found a bag that looks similar! For now, i'll probably invest in that.
Maybe one day...

Whats your favorite purse at the moment,
or one you wish for?!

Sunday, September 27

can i just say, i really love the weekend?

double dating/hanging out at my new friend, beth's!
:) he makes me happy.

so glad i got to see my favorite girl, jessica last night! i've missed her so much.

us ladiessss.

@ play (a club) with robert, the only picture we managed
to take the whole time. hahaha.
(he's another new friend, he did my hair- compare the top picture to this one!)

sorry if the picture quality is a little off.
it felt amazing to sleep in today.
the rest of the night,
me and the boyfriend are going to play board games
and bake chocolate chip cookies.

i hope you all had a LOVELY weekend!
[[ fill me in if you want to :) ]]